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Lauren James Wholesale

Interesting in carrying Lauren James in your store? Youโ€™ve come to the right place! We have three options available to fit your needs!

Lauren James Mainline

Lauren James Main line is our new and improved collection! Weโ€™ve taken a more sophisticated route on the offering, and weโ€™re incredibly proud to bring our refreshed look to your boutique or store.

  • A more fashion forward LJ ( Perfect for work, school or a night out)
  • $1000 Minimum opening order
  • No reorder minimums
  • 5 Mile protection Radius
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LJ by Lauren James

This is the LJ youโ€™ve come to know and love! LJ by Lauren James is now our exclusive wholesale channel for graphic tees. What makes it so great?

  • Affordable price points and outstanding quality
  • $500 Minimum opening order requirements
  • No reorder Minimums
  • 3 Mile protection Radius
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You Get an Faq!

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